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  "Sea View" Haderslev silo, Denmark
Sea View
"Sea View"
The Haderslev silo, Haderslev, Denmark.
A 1500 m2. mural painting.

Danish Arts Council.

Haderslev silo press

Danish media coverage.

Haderslev silo press
  Presentation to Margrethe II
Queen of Denmark

Haderslev silo press

  The Saatchi Gallery London
Red Dog
"The Red Dog"
mural painting in the Saatchi Gallery, London.
Red never follows exhibition.
350cm x 500 cm
Acrylic and spray paint on the gallery wall.

  Astronaut / Cosmonaut, Berlin  
Victor Ash Astronaut / Cosmonaut
An astronaut floats on the wall of a typical Kreuzberg building in the centre of Berlin. You will see him as you walk down Mariannenstrasse or when driving on the U1 subway line from Kotbusser impressive figure, faceless and oversized, which cannot be overlooked.

There is something lonely and helpless about this Kreutzberg astronaut; attached to nothing, without purpose and without context. He looks like he is about to float off the wall and into space - the eternal unknown that humans have not yet managed to conquer after all. Weightless, here, he is more of a testament to the clumsy futility of human endeavour, than a heroic symbol of progress. He seems to be stretching his arm towards us in a kind of half-hearted gesture for help.

The astronaut is a classic mural painting although it looks like it's been made with a huge stencil, black paint running and dripping down the wall. In this way the astronaut relates to all the stencils that populate the walls of Berlin. We're reminded of the roots of the artist and the tradition that he comes from.

It is one of those images - black on white - which imprints itself on the retina so that if you pass by, walking or riding on a subway train, and you close your eyes for a moment there will still be a miniature spaceperson lingering in front of your eyes, accompanying you on your way through the city.

This is the way Ash works. His works are immediate but will stay with you for a while to make you think, to annoy you, or to make you wonder about the nature of humanity. Mostly in the street, the works of Ash are in your face and visible to everyone. In this sense his work is democratic and unavoidable.

Miriam Nielsen

  Animal Faces Series

Victor Ash VM Mountain Copenhagen
Animal Faces. Beyond art at Platoon Kunsthalle,
8 X 250 cm X 245 cm.
Seoul, South Korea.

  Animal Faces Series

Victor Ash VM Mountain Copenhagen
Animal Faces. sommer frische kunst.
Stubnerkogel 2300M Hight.
Bad Gastein Austria

  Car Mountains / VM Bjerget.

Victor Ash VM Mountain Copenhagen
A series of wall paintings at the VM Bjerget, a new building designed by Bjarke Ingels Group / BIG.
Ørestad Copenhagen, Denmark.
Winer of the best housing price at the
World Architecture Festival Barcelona 2008

Click here to read the Interview about the VM Bjerget project in

Victor Ash VM Bjerget

  Falling Graffiti Writers and trees. Scharnweberstraße 59, Berlin 2008.
Victor Ash Falling Graffiti Writers and trees

700 m2 wall painting commissioned by the city of Berlin district of Friedrichshain.
Project Competition winner.
  Look at me, look at you. Bremen Germany 2009.
Victor Ash Bunker Bremen

  Wall painting on the 4 sides of a 25 meters high bunker
dating from World War II.
Bremen Germany

Interview Zeit Online
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